Thursday, October 05, 2006

Organic Movement & Mobile Publish

It seems, nothing could ever get done without some force being expended. Someone has to spend the money to ensure the cheese wheel keeps rolling and subsequently all the rats keep chasing it. Who could ever forget the carefree 90s? Those freewheeling days followed by the last salad nights quickly came to a halt when Big Brother & his new 'Electronic Intellectual Bondage theory began to taint the cyberfrontier... which bleeds over into the material plane like a silicon & wire head wound.

The writing is more fake and desperate.The people are starting to realize we are all a bunch of 2D squiggly lines pan fried on the planet top grill inside a dirty wok. Even though the voyeurs of these hopelessly ubercritical can sense the impending fury waiting @ the toll plaza, between the Sprawl & City, nobody's going to really make a big stink about it unless there's a quick buck in it for them and theirs.

The Edge of the World Productions uSa has repeatedly endeavored to bring about a shift in this voyeur driven attack on social progress. Without further self trumpeting, the creative staff of Edge of the World Productions uSA is pleased as pickles to bring you the next step...
Ladies and laddies, Gentlemen & girly-grrls,...

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