Monday, September 03, 2007

PODCAST - 9x to BirdWorld - Edge of the World Productions uSA 2007 SF/CA

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Summer of Love? Yeah,... I think I have heard something about this concept the earth people speak of. I have never seen this so called summer of love but I expect it should be a great and glorious thing when it arrives. It is one of the things which gives hope for all of humanity. Please stay tuned into this channel for the upcoming 9x-BirdWorld-Pier 37 audio podcasts recorded in their entirety during the summer of love celebrations for SF/CA 007

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Lest we forget the Polk Village Festival has taken place this past weekend. I'd like to announce that I will get the video out as soon as I am able to move it around a little bit on my thinkpad. [I'm trying to hook it up through the Linux Graphic Server but ol' Lurkey thinks it's quite a bit of bullocks to get out of his power down pose.
HEMLOCK? MORLOK? What's this Cat up to?
The party was great. The folks at the Hemlock (codename: Morlok) were as colorful and decrepit as usual. Little girls coming in from all corners of the world to stare at Bukows... wanna bees [and just regular old good for nothin's like me] Also, could someone remind that uptight Irish beechnut that she has to expect all kinds of folks in smoky little hole in the wall dives well off the beaten paths of the Gliteratzi. Maybe it's good her son turns out to be a lawyer so he can school her on human rights.
Let's not forget the talent
The ladies from KUSF were stunning on camera and off. They held up real nice throughout the festival. My hat's off to 'em! And the local visitation by the assorted urban organica was quite exhilirating. The video will be out before you know it so rss this feed.


DATELINE: 9.22.2007 Better late than never

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