Friday, April 11, 2008

4-11 Posting to the Peaceful People and Pacific Daylight Time

The Shape of What it is...
enjoying the looks caused by perspectives of the so called 'normal' and the 'teachers' of style
We ride head long into the fog screaming "Summertime! Summertime!" PMPope is a bit on the side of the Stranded... They need more Love... so they come to SFCA and the Edge World Studions or Citywide-WiFi or Edge Data or the International Apartment & they know THEN there are all sorts of them out there and the We are the lonesome in the groups of pick-up sticks to think they compete with the Time and the Gravity and the downward spiral of youth and glamour.... It's just ridiculous that Life is so cheap for some of the people and so precious for others they start to cry while they drink in the Sun or see an old person sing a child's song.... WoW!

China wants to be the Mack... Bush wants to be the Mack... England & Germany want to Mack out... Amerika has always been Amerika and even the snotty self-serving Usenet brats know that... hey, It's not our fault we have the East Coast & the West Coast, Texas & Wisconsin, The Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge, ... not our fault... Somebody has to sing the blues and innovate and evolve... Land Ho! Pioneers & Patriots! Natives & Immigrants! We are the We the People and that's what it is.