Thursday, December 22, 2011

Earth Without Form

hours and hours from the sun
called into being by the one

more dead than alive by the looks of it
hopped up and strung out on earth credit

love for love they’d exchange their spark
on waves; on beaches; through freeway parks

acid rain soothes the dawn
along the bank the carriage drawn

never before and never again
would the atlas break back the long lost dead

Ramboed out a couple of guns
to deliver a fine, fine death to the devils’ flood

never before and never again
would the rose dare whisper what the wasp had said

a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing
for the Buddhist & Muslims & Opus Dei

never before and never again
could they bust the rock off its’ orbited spin

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

11:11 - make a wish

for once to find one heart
twice to never part
nor seeking fulfillment
in empty arms
to lie
in an uncomfortable bed

to be explained
by contributions made
to the greater good
and shine the light
which travels a-far
even though long gone
past the dying star

to love for love's sake
without price
eternally wrapped
in that last kiss
good night

pmpope 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011


Pulling up to the red light
in a nondescript sprawlburb
I notice a man sitting at the corner
With a bucket & a squeegee.
He runs up to cars & offers to wash
Their windshields so they can see
Where they are going
And all the marvelous things
God has prepared for them in this
Journey of life where only the smart
& the strong are necessary to carry on.
'What a good man.' I think to myself
With a slight brush of my hand
I acknowledge the wallet
Resting plump against my chest
In this wallet
Are pictures of my family,
My reason to be,
& also plastic cards
They equal so many pictures
Of dead presidents.
I think: 'It's a good job & tax-free to boot.'
The man spins his sign
In some hispanic language it says
Something about: God Bless You!
I think: He is loved by God
What good is my money
To him?
Pmpope 2011