Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I read somewhere...

Everybody and their mother is attempting to extricate FREE content for some reason. While some misguided, albeit kind-hearted peeps, think it in their best interests to 'rule' the literary and artistic scenes with heavy thudding and bumbling of the bygone days & carnival styled crapustic infrangelary dangly-bobs, others sensing their own mortality slip sliding underneath the bathroom door to funnel along the grommets of a well-caulked life led in vain taste the vile spew of re-cycled spew and swear on a stack of dimes that they are gonna damn sure get theirs before kicking off this big blue mud-ball.

Rumors have circled high in the noon-day sky as to the who/when/where/&why of how it all has got SO outta hand. These come from the wastelands and drop dead on time to resuscitate all yr holy rolling Rosicrucians long enough to get the final breathe of truth you thought ya'd never hear sworn on a stack of bibles by a bear in its' underwear and a top hatted Boston Terrier who keeps the butler in line.

Playing the chalumeau to the sub-division traffic for all the HOA committee members to put themselves to sleep at a quiet little Polockfest on the wrong side of Amsterdam's red-lit districk, one is able to notice the promalificant as well as the down&out hebbie-jeebies come rousting out the dusky rays of OH,... Suzanna, we barely had anything for each other when we were together. Now it's even worse if you'd only think about the scaly conditions of your mother's henchmen before they tried to make out like they were gonna let her in on a really good deal. Even her best friend has commented on several occasions 'He's a big, ol' liar. That's all he's ever known. That's all he'll ever be.'

To make a long story short this is what happens every day; to every body; in every city whether they write it down or not. I thought I'd share it in case someone was able to come to terms with this before they take a long dirt nap or as we were so fond of joking in our yout 'Take a long walk on a short pier with a lighted porch into a gasoline sea.'