Tuesday, July 24, 2012

~ We went to the animal faire ~
~ All the animals wore human masks ~
~ We couldn't quite tell if it were:
1) More frightening than bizarre
2) Or vice the verse
~ A wild tribe of chimpanzees
{all running // to & fro}
in their off-shored, cyber-tech, CEO masks
that they may
close the deal
while stealing valuable informata
from wide eyed spectators
'Oooh'-ing & 'Ahhh'-ing
as ridiculous prices skyrocketed ~
~The animal faire! Thee animal faire!~
~Snakes smiling shyly to discuss
their shining sheen~
~Timid chicks flocking
for their supper's dinner~
~Sheep frill up their faces
while sashaying their bums~
~ Plummed does the Heron queen traipse
lightly down the Pine
searching out poppies
to make mild her mind~
~The animal faire! The animal faire!~
~What a glorious contrivence!~
~ A garage full of Ethiopian Hyenas
forever checking fluids;
changing tires;
slamming concrete weary Pigeons
into the passenger side~
~Jackal laughter rings throughout
to bounce of the dull corrugation
"Now you make money, my friend!
Everybody makes some kind of money
when they come to this circus!"~
We went to the animal faire... (da-dum)
The birds and the bees were there... (da-dum)
The big baboon, by the light of the moon...
Was combing his auburn hair...