Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Morphed Out Shark Legs Running for Work

Lips charged for punitive damage. This is a thing that I can't believe. I can't believe it because I do not know how it evolves. A bit of belief is a bit of relief when all is said and done about lips. She has two lips and I cannot allow them to be in pain, but this pain is unavoidable. My cavern drags me on the ground like an old, open trunk being towed behind a home made pickup truck. This is because her lungs are filled with liquid lead. They shouldn't be punished.

She sees I will have to run. So she dares me to run the breath on the back of her neck. Feet are burnt to the ground while my hair stinks the wind. You wouldn't believe that I can move miles and miles and miles without leaving a footprint. Why would you believe? This is the work of morphed out shark legs. They skip and prance and weave through trees, but they cannot out do the speed I have swung fathomless to the surf. They may motivate, but they do not pass. The waters of the world spin around her body. She is fast, fascinatingly, fairly fueled by this sweet electric and cannot get enough. 'Bring me closer. Bring me more.'

New shark management plans and development of new existing shark management plans are needed. Given the wide range of shark distributions and the extensive migration of many species, bilateral and/or multilateral cooperation, assessments, and agreements are needed to understand and manage shark workplace Eco-sustainable…

She can see through man made material. Cosmic light wakes up.

Make a necklace from the teeth. The pain of being your monster has made life insufferable.

None know her name proper but they do know exactly when they look her in the eye.

Fossil records indicate that ancestors of modern sharks swam the seas over 400 million years ago, making them older than dinosaurs. Sharks can hear best at frequencies below 1,000 Hertz which is the range of most natural aquatic sounds

Breathe. There is liquid gold in exhausted air. Nothing is the richness and lavishness that fills lungs. If I could take a knife and carve a spout in my lips I would. For that way I could deeply drink the deep delicious drink which would preciously pour out. I could swim in the pearly pools of life and love. It is a love that only fierce fish know. Fish who have been caught by a fisherman and then thrown back in the ocean because of stupid luck know that love. I want to know that love too.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Cell Phone Coppalas and Hitchcockers YOUR TIME HAS COME TODAY!

qik is the rage today... watch to see who can use their camera phone the best!
Why not? If you are a video head and want to get the down & dirty on this *NEW* form of homebrewed cinema head over to
and 'See what happens'

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

WoW! As if there was something a reader could tell a writer