Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who Put the Grease on the Amerikan Baton?

Tyson Gay stuck his left hand behind him, waiting to feel the red baton's cool metal make contact.

waiting, Gay looked ahead and began to take off. Now accelerating, he
glanced back at Darvis Patton, his U.S. teammate in a 400-meter relay
preliminary heat. A moment later, Patton let go of the stick, and Gay
squeezed his hand shut — empty.

Why did the Women's Relay Team Flub the Passing of the Baton?

One racer says ' Someone must have have some voodoo dolls of us.' Huh, interesting... Maybe we can all use that excuse anytime we flub.... oh well back to the Water Cube... A 15 year old Chinese diver vs. some big legged women from the Americas. Who will win? OK Chinese Sports Academy means NO SPLASH FOR CHEN! She has been diving at the professional level since she was 4 years old & dancing to the techno, mindblowing beats of Comminist China's most fashionable Bejing's late night tourist havens. At least there's no chance of being hit by Godzilla shaped cloud of pollution if your working out in the Chinese Sports Academy. Somewhat Kafkaesque, no? Chen, a somewhat boyish looking androgyne, has taken the lead for the Chinese gold rush out there in the Water Cube. And the Amerikans...? God bless 'em,...

Those Freakin' Guys @ the FCC have Decided to PLay A Game called: Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots

Google (NSDQ: GOOG)'s Android operating system
is one step closer to commercial availability as the first
Android-powered handset has been given the green light by the Federal Communications Commission.

The handset is being made by High Tech Computer, a
nd the documentation confirms that the device is being called the "Dream." Keeping in line with recent reports, the handset will support T-Mobile's 3G network.

But don't take Our word for it head over to Information Week for the full story...