Thursday, October 05, 2006

DATELINE: @ the Studion early Morning 10.05.006

I received a compliment from the Creative Writing Teacher over in Kansas last night when I accidently went poetic and started to fire off online submissions. Though he was not able to accept my submission {Me: Not a student of a Kansas University Creative Writing Program} He none-the-less thought it was good work and wished me well.

Staring @ Sea End Sunset

Alotta people believe Science to be God.
True to scientitic notation,
or so the hypothesis seems to florish,
if you rip everything down
to it's base components
all that
will be left
wiggling on the ceramic tiles
will be the undeniable truth.

A man born with a wooden head writes of 'real' things in this way. A man, with a wooden block for a head, may be willing, to expect society (in general), to pound his head with blunt metal & various older, more primitive tools.

This wooden block headed man, who could not,
in actuality,
exist outside the realm of metaphor, would never,
under highly clinical assumptive speculation,
never ever find
acceptance in society.

You see, my little ducklings, there are only,
'really' two forces of attraction on this planet. There are, however, many flavors which blossom to pervert the love/hate on/off switch.

You are initially attracted by electro magnetic impulses. After examining their mental and emotional side effects the attracted particle may turn away or towards the initial object of attraction.

[choose one only]

For a word to be scored as being correct, it must make sense in the passage and it must have the same number of letters as there are dashes. All words that meet these two conditions will be scored as being correct.

For example, a sentence might read, "The driver was injured when his 1) _ _ _ crashed through trees." You would complete the sentence by printing "CAR" in the blank space provided: "The driver was injured when his 1) C A R crashed through trees."

The word B U S or S U V could have been used, as both makes sense in the blank space, and have the proper number of letters. The words head, auto and tool are incorrect, because, even
though they make sense in the blank, they have the wrong number of letters.

Tie a chord around the neck end of a pipe
pull it tight...
Is it a balloon or the flower kind?
If you knew... you could print it in the black margins
to be an outline hero in the very last pages
of the victims' book of rhyme
pluck another feather
stick it in your hat
at the table with a pint
across the street
a neon light
buses are rolling through gray & rolling under flags celebrating
another day... alive & awake... glasses get smashed
& then they're replaced in front of your face... in this place
people got a code... they won't let you read... people need goats to carry their deeds
i wondered 'why?', when i was younger then i could be
though my eyes were wide for disbelief & humanity

Somewhat pissed
but none-the-less,... Pluto is demoted
sitting out there cold as it is... old sad jazz cat
sleeping on the bus with yellow plastic bags full of everything he owns
and a 2nd hand briefcase full of 'God only knows'
It seemed @ once such great comfort spinning out there @ distances Metro will never know...

now invisible borders keep it apart of our childtime collective dreams
it's lonely like the lawyers coming into a new crop
no reason for tear riddled panic in the Tenderloin...
our fungus is running amok... the rolling luggage still gets rolled
everything bought will be re-sold to the winners of the world
over and over again and over again...
[tolling bells and the sound of seashells]
another wave
-look everybody!-
pointing towards the edge
even beyond molecular life
sky evaporates out in space
another wave everybody
God everybody...
another wave.

Edge of the World uSA

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