Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Holiday Treatment - PopMass Style -
{From Entirety - pmpope 2009}

trip the lights over a silvered garland tangle
as certain moments erupt
(eight toed-skink & hula albino)
You must hang fire
Jolly full of holiday folly
call it a wreath of holly w/ berries
lay it upon the mattress of time
for the dark nighted wynter
bemused of silent family cruisings
apply an extra finger to the nog
Turn on the light
inside your 'art
softly, tenderly praying
the angelic hosts
to scorch & torch & toast
everything not made as work
of the Divine in this season of joy
no one needs a money grubbing martyr
needlessly nodding
in a parking garage of life
spent in solitary hunt & peck
for the next chunk of sky
to fall
in the form of a government check
there is no intrigue for the corrupt worldly
a stale crust of week old pie
as the last object consumed
takes its' place beneath the browning tree
buried by squirrels;
forgotten by January
You can't spell 'Merry Christmas!'
with an 'x'
acrost your heart
May as well
drop your coin
on the dark horse
take the ride
& shine the light

~pmpope 2009

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