Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Minister of the Beginning of the End stands wide legged

Ladies & Gentlemen, please allow the Edge of the World Production Studions, located conveniently to maximize your articulation into the literary environs of SF/CA during WW3 with the present offering {for a modest price} of....
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If you or one of your bohemes have spotted PMPope around town scripting in his pad THIS IS IT! The verses poured over @ cafes/piers/venues round town. The
Edge of the World Production Studions has taken the difficulty of processing this alien/angelic script into a sonic format for easy digestion. If you or someone you know is looking for a truly unique gift that verifies the cutting edge literary trombone plays through the streets of the city even now... during the 3rd world War of oil & financial decay... you can put their fears to rest with this utilitarian gift and its' ability to say the things the corporate &/OR alternative media has decided to ignore... Why not?

Don't Panic! Keep it OUTER*National & Gratefully ORGANIC

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