Wednesday, October 31, 2007


They say the Hayward & Calveras faults are still threatening for more massive shaking. I've got a bad case of hives about this whole thing. Could it simply be my choice in drycleaners.? My flesh is being eaten and not just on Halloween. @ first I thought it was possible that this old hippie, up in the Haight, may have hit the nail on the head with his theory concerning SCABBIES and how I would have to build a bonfire in Union Square to get out of such a predicament. Luckily, i consulted a trained physician - purt damn near toot sweet. She was an Angel of Mercy and told me 'Not to freak out.' Good sound medical advice. So i thought it was bedbugs. Disgusting vermin hitting the 5 and lesser starred establishments de mi barrio If it were the bedbugs wouldn't they also be gnawing the Felinius Domesticatis living in my studio. AND THEN LIKE A GIANT SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE it hit me.... I would climb too far in the corporate world as I had acquired an allergy to Dry Cleaning!!!.... stay tuned for more earthquaking news....


NuevaDrid said...

I missed the earthquake cuz I was riding on the bus through Chinatown... Do the bedbugs feel earthquakes? Maybe the get very very scared. But I mean VERY!

I'll stay tuned.

Manufacturer said...

I just found your comment [it was hidden in black]I'm certain you don't have to worry about these little San Franciscan problems in Madrid so I thank you for taking time to share with us. Viva Madrid!