Monday, December 04, 2006

Democratic Facism from Union Square

The LaRouche boosters were in the Square Saturday afternoon. They
seemed to be attempting to boost public awareness of all the great
things their candidate would do to overthrow the present BUSH/CHENEY
power structure ingrained into the present political American system.
Believe me, I'm all for accountability of politicians.

Why did they feel it was neccessary to attack like minded individuals? One answer

: Cold Hard Cash (period).

were trying to enforce their political agenda by doing everything short
of throwing people to the sidewalk and rifling through their wallets.

done the signature gathering gig to place amendments on the ballots but
when the kids fly in on parental college funds and start to verbally
and morally attack the citizens of a particular social sphere to
further their agendas... I mean come on, babies, do you expect the
World at large to swallow your propaganda hook, line, sinker when
your bashing us on Saturday afternoon.

I prefer to lead by
example so I'll probably keep doing kind work on a social level even
though one of LaRouche's blonde youth leaders informed me ' really
doesn't help to feed the poor.'

and i will keep my 'I Voted!'
sticker on my Palm as I eeck out my existence as a literary artist in
this corporate political world.

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