Saturday, October 14, 2006


Smashing, Simply smashing! The Rogue Short Film Festival III came off without a super abundance of glitches! Good Work Ryan & the Rogue Tech crew. Luminares in the SF film & video world were on hand to throw in applause for the film makers without coming off overtly critical with all the blah-blah. A great night of International Film enthusiasts crowned with 10 shorts from 43 submissions. My favorites, besides The Emperor's Regret (of course), were 1) Meet the Film Maker(M. Ortega & J.LaBatt) and Hide Your 'Stache (Steve Pandola). The rest were also stunning in their own rights. I know Ryan & Barbary Coast Films had a difficult time with the selection process. All in all the night was a success. Bravo! Looking forward to IV!

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