Monday, October 09, 2006

The long days of summer kick us in the pants and tell us to settle in for a long wyld winter of videographically inspired image poems produced way back in history where neither man nor beast gave a good hoop-de-day-la for using transparency to round the corners of those mean streets whistling and clipping their nails as the whole ensemble gets riddled by the sudden appearance of a new monarch arriving in style 'Hey! look at 'im, fellas. 'E's the toast of the town! The belle of the ball. A real wiesenhiemer.'

(on a bit of a sidenote... if you didn't come you should have. I do not understand what judges expect except to produce the same tired media that has come to drown us in complacency. but.. I did have a great time and do so look forward to the next, which is in Feb.)

I'll tell you what, my little ducklings... Why not print a copy of this web flyer out and bring it with you this Thursday? What will it hurt? In the Words of Chuck Prophet'...You know it's strictly organic/It's even good fro your health.'

Do yourself a favor and check out this function. Heck, who knows... maybe there will be some experimental film makers there just dying to take polaroids of you riding the Giraffe on the SOMA carrousel

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