Saturday, September 30, 2006

Future Historical Rarities & Art through WW3

Greetings from the Edge of the World Production Studions far above the gritty street level goings & comings down yonder on good ol' TerraFirma. Edge of the World has launched a handful of new projects to keep the monkey wheels spininng throughout the remainder of WW3 - (If it looks like a duck; walks like a duck; shits like a duck; tastes like a duck;... what'd ya want I should call it?) - Being that all us peacenik bikini waxing prose slinging DNLE & XML'd out data/info junkies have been collecting and reformatting the organic flow of the masses, we have finally come down from the Holy Mountain, wandered across the Holy Desert, took a peaceful nap in the Holy Forest, and finished our pre-cookie nappie-time exercises along the Holy Surf of the Holy Ocean... We are now well prepared to recycle all the data we have recovered and distribute it unto the people of Earth.

Get rid of your car now - the demand for Oil goes down... Get it?
Find Peace - quickly
Stop Jailing Bloggers/Reporters
Show some love for your nieghbors

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